Network Infrastructure & Security

Crossgen networking solutions help our customers keep current on the increasingly complex advancements in networking technology. Our comprehensive network solutions cover the enterprise from end-to-end, including geographically dispersed locations, delivering fast, reliable wired and wireless performance to boost network we believe network and information security should be viewed as a continuous process with an underlying set of principles that can adapt to our clients’ evolving requirements.

Routing & Switching

Crossgen regards routing and switching expertise as an indispensable core competency and the foundation of predictable and dependable enterprise solutions.

Our subject matter experts in these two areas have decades of experience and are continuously improving themselves through customer engagements, formalized trainings, and industry events. We have designed, configured, implemented, optimized, and supported many complex routing and switching solutions on platforms from Cisco,Juniper, HPE Aruba, and Dell.


Crossgen brings time-tested subject matter expertise, encompassing considerable vertical experience, to ensure complete, secure solution coverage of wireless networks spanning from the client device to the data center.

Our solutions support innovative initiatives like BYOB, enterprise mobility, and IoT integration, and help you optimize strategies for data loss prevention, onboarding and provision, and mobile management and security solutions (EMM, MDM, NAC).


We realize that security is a before, during, and after concern, and help customers implement proactive strategies to detect, prevent, and rapidly respond to breaches when they do occur. Crossgen holds partnerships and expertise around products and solutions from security leaders like Cisco,Juniper and Fortinet Proof point, Sentinel one.