Business Applications


Gain insight and control of business with our ERP software brought together through flexible Workspace, which integrates your key business functions to streamline processes and provide deeper understanding into your business.

Transforms the way you view and use your data. A single source of data brings performance analysis from a total company perspective brought together via intuitive dashboards. Get the right information needed to make critical business decisions with ease.

From procurement to warehousing, production, sales, customer service, and financial management, Crossgen ERP introduces better ways to manage your entire business.

Enterprise Asset management & Tracking

Assets in industries are critical to maintain and track as the current system of operation is either manual recording or through ERP which again has manual entry. Crossgen provide solutions through RFID/ Barcode / NFC / Laser marking for them to track and monitor assets for which the data is made available real time. The stocks can also be taken real time through the tags and the movement of the equipment or material can also be tracked through powerful readers or antennas.


Crossgen Provides Smart IOT solutions includes Smart Garbage Bin , Water Management System.